Betting Exchange: What It is and How It Works

The Betting Exchange is now a reality in the panorama of betting web sites, so let’s try to understand exactly what this new type of bets already used in England consists of and how it works.

The Betting Exchange, also known as Back and Lay, is a new mode of onilne betting which has been enormously successful abroad and which has now arrived in Italy. The betting exchange has many advantages over traditional bets and this is why it is widely used by professional bettors.First of all we analyze the word Betting ie “bets” and Exchange that is “exchange”, it is therefore the possibility to exchange bets directly between users without going through the bookmaker. In fact, in the classic and current way in Italy betting is possible to bet against the dealer (bookmaker), in this case instead with the Betting Exchange it is possible to bet against other users. The bookmaker will only offer the platform to bring together users and will take a small commission only on the winnings, generally between 2% and 5% maximum. Each user can decide whether to “lay” or “stake” a stake for this reason in Italy the Betting Exchange is also known as “Back and lay”. Those who start using the betting exchange most of the time no longer use traditional bookmakers. Suffice it to say that almost all professional bettors use the tip and bank to make money with sports bets.

The advantages of betting exchange over traditional bookmakers are enormous:

– Odds on the highest single bets-

-Possibility to close a bet in advance to make a profit or to limit the loss

– The possibility given to the user to act as a counter, therefore to have a function similar to that of a bookmaker

– More control over your bets

– Possibility of earning without even starting the event